“Pushinsky and Morris' venture is a rare and generous gift.”

The heart of the home is the kitchen – or at least, what comes out of it. This is something that photographer Rick Pushinsky understands well. His father, Steven Morris, took charge of family meals in their household, and Pushinsky has collated their most treasured recipes into a delightful new collection of recipe cards that not only documents the dishes – shot in Pushinsky’s minimal, playful style – but the personal memories they evoke when eaten...

“In a market dominated by celebrity chefs and food fads, this is true home cooking served with nostalgia.”

It started as a small family project. Rick Pushinsky, a photographer, asked his dad, Steven, to jot down the recipes for the meals they had enjoyed when Rick was growing up – Steven’s signature dishes, the best-loved hand-me-downs and perennial favourites. Rick’s plan was to photograph the plates and create an archive to be shared with...

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“Warms the heart as much as the tummy.”

Neither Rick Pushinsky nor his father, Steven Morris, are chefs. Pushinsky is a professional photographer with 10 years experience doing editorial shoots for the likes of The Sunday Times Style, Vogue and the FT. His father is an optician. But that didn’t stop them from putting together a series of 21 recipe cards – a three-course meal for every day of the week – inspired by the family’s Ashkenazi heritage, adapted dishes from dining in foreign restaurants, and Morris’ “60 years of making a mess in the kitchen”.

“Playful and irreverent.”

My dad has always cooked. I have always eaten. Just Not Kosher began as a family recipe archive — a written record of my dad’s 60 years in the kitchen. For me, it wasn’t just a set of instructions for favourite dishes; it was the entire story of our family, measured out in tablespoons. There were recipes that harked back to our Ashkenazi heritage; adapted hand-me-downs from relatives long gone; and home recreations of half-remembered dishes from...

The father of two joked that he's
“The father of two joked that he's "not built like an athlete".”

Mancunian Steven Morris' recipe card collection - Just Not Kosher: 21 Recipes from a Jewish Father with a Kitchen Habit - could have had a different title if Helen had had her way. For the 70-year-old optometrist would have called it Every Pan In the Kitchen. Steven laughed: "It's a phrase my wife uses a lot when I've been cooking. Friends and family would come round to eat and ask for my recipes. My son Richard, who is the photographer for the collection, suggested that we collate them and print a book, even if it was just for...

Your first step towards culinary mind expansion.
“Your first step towards culinary mind expansion.”

If you’re scared of cookbooks,step this way. You’re so unadventurous in the kitchen, you almost wear it as a badge of pride. But what if we told you there’s more to meals than two pieces of bread with a fistful of crisps stuffed in between? Allow chef Steven Morris to guide you through the sublime world of Jewish cuisine. You’ve never tried to make kosher food, and you’re not even sure what ‘kosher’ is, but it’s time to seize the day and jump in at the deep end, from falafel to lokshen kugel to salt beef and potato latkes. Pick up his collection Just Not Kosher, presented in the form of 21 gorgeous recipe cards by his photographer son, Rick Pushinsky. Consider it your first step towards culinary mind expansion. You’re welcome.

“A beautiful piece of work.”

Somewhere between a portfolio and a recipe book.